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Credits & Acknowledgements

Many of the pictures and photos used in our web pages are by cortesy of NASA, STScI, ESA and other scientific institutes and organizations. We would like to congratulate these institutes and organizations and all involved scientists and other supporting people for their enormous work and fantastic work results. 

The table below lists the source for each picture including a link to the relevant web-site for which we of course cannot take over any responsibility. 

We have tried to respect all copyrights. If we have failed in a specific case, please contact us directly. 

RAMS-CON Management Consultants


Web-Page Title Information Source
Home Eskimo Nebula, NGC 2392
Contact Mars 2001 Oposition
Project Management ESO VLT Observatory, Atacama Desert,  Chile
Quality Assurance Supernova Remnant E0102
Safety Hurricane Katrina 2005    area5/iotm/newsflash_katrina.html&a=500&b=0&c=0&d=0&e=0

Fire Accident Airport Düsseldorf
Reliability Shuttle Launch July 2001
Availability Taurus Launch
Start First Light Picture of the Gemini Multi-Mode Spectrograph GMOS




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